Tailormade ecotoxicological studies

Chemical safety regulation is constantly evolving and getting more complex. To assure the regulatory compliancy of your products, the assessment of specific environmental questions may become necessary.

Our experience and knowledge with the regulatory background as well as our scientific network puts us in a position to adapt test designs or even develop new test systems to specific requests for the environmental risk assessment for all types of chemicals. While specifically intended to respond to claims arising from the regulatory legislation we aim to fit customized tests systems to specific requirements in the most cost effective way possible. 

We have experience in a wide range of techniques and methods, starting with simple bio assays in the laboratory with a wide range of organisms leading to higher and complex field studies.

Whatever your specific requirements, we are able to

  • develop tailor-made ecotoxicological laboratory test systems to assess specific environmental questions                             
  • design and conduct realistic field studies to estimate the impact of chemicals with high realism 
  • to analyse the retention, portioning and effect of chemicals in large scale vegetated flow-through stream mesocosms